• Step into the world of modern kitchen design, where luxury meets necessity.
  • We've handpicked the top 18 kitchen design tips for 2024, promising an efficient and stylish space that's sure to leave you inspired.
  • These kitchen design trends are more than just popular. They're versatile.

Each trend we present can be seamlessly integrated into your unique style and needs. Whether installing a pot filler above the range or infusing pops of color through an accent wall or kitchen island cabinetry, these trends are not just popular, they're adaptable. They're here to serve as a canvas for your creativity and personal touch!

Kitchen Design Tips

  1. Double-Up Appliances: In recent years, doubling appliances, such as ovens and fridges, have transitioned from a fad to a practical solution. This is especially beneficial for large families or frequent hosts. The versatility of double ovens, allowing you to cook two dishes simultaneously, is a game-changer for holiday meals. The convenience of having two fridges, a standard one and a specialized one like a wine fridge, is a testament to the evolving kitchen design, offering more storage and organization options.
  2. Install a Pot-Filler – Indulge in the luxury and convenience of a pot-filler above the stovetop. This addition enhances cooking efficiency and adds a touch of luxury to a modern kitchen design. Imagine the convenience of filling a pot with water and boiling it without stepping away from the range—an actual pampering experience that saves time and effort!
  3. Use Light Colors in Small Kitchens – Light hues are your best friend when dealing with a small kitchen. They create a light and airy look, making the room appear larger. This choice is not just about aesthetics; it's about making the most of your existing square footage.
  4. Larger Kitchen Islands – Design a multi-functional space for prepping meals, baking sweet treats, casual dining, working remotely, and supervising homework time with your kids. A larger kitchen island not only adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen but also serves as a versatile space for various activities, making it a must-have in modern kitchen design.
  5. Recessed Lighting – This minimalist lighting option has become a staple in contemporary kitchen design. Installed into the wall or ceiling, recessed lights sit flush on the surface. There are two options: canned or can-less. Canned utilizes LED lights, which are more energy efficient, and no electrical box is needed for the installation.
  6. Pops of Color – Create visual interest by incorporating pops of color into the design. Whether through a statement kitchen island or trendy two-tone kitchen cabinets, this kitchen design idea is a breath of fresh air!
  7. Stained Wood Cabinets – Stained wood cabinets are the best selection for adding warmth and charm to a kitchen design. Highlighting the beautiful, natural wood grain is an excellent way to bring natural elements indoors.
  8. Induction Stovetops – Induction cooktops are electric cooktops with glass surfaces that are incredibly energy efficient. Like microwaves, they use copper coils to generate power through an electromagnetic field.
  9. Minimalistic Backsplashes – Simple backsplashes are easier to clean, so homeowners and designers avoid intricate tiles because grout is hard to clean. Many choose to take the countertop material up the wall behind the stovetop. This creates a seamless look and feel!
  10. Beverage Stations – Built-in beverage stations are becoming a regular feature in modern design. From coffee bars equipped with luxury espresso machines and extra storage for accessories to wet bars with a top-of-the-line wine fridge and easy-to-clean countertops, beverage stations are a staple for the modern homeowner.
  11. Hidden Appliances – Modern kitchen design is all about cohesiveness; hidden appliances are a way to further that. Custom appliance cabinets for the dishwasher and refrigerator add a luxurious touch to the space, creating a seamless look and feel.
  12. Smart Ovens – Smart kitchens are quickly becoming the norm, and one way to implement this is by installing an intelligent oven. These appliances adjust the temperature automatically while cooking, making them a more energy-efficient option.
  13. Earth Tones – Earth tones have taken center stage, bringing warmth and sophistication to culinary spaces. From rich terracotta to serene shades of sage green, designers embraced nature-inspired hues to create inviting and timeless kitchens. These earthy hues evoke a sense of calm and complement various materials like wood, stone, and metal, adding depth and texture to the overall aesthetic.
  14. European Influences – Drawing inspiration from European design sensibilities, embracing sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative functionality. European influences are evident in integrating high-quality materials such as matte finishes, glossy surfaces, and luxe metals, lending an air of sophistication to culinary spaces. Emphasizing style and efficiency, this design trend reflected a fusion of modern elegance and practicality, elevating the kitchen into a refined focal point of the home.
  15. Built-In Organization – The emphasis on practicality and efficiency in kitchen design led to the widespread adoption of built-in organization solutions. From custom pantry systems to cleverly concealed storage compartments, homeowners embraced innovative ways to maximize space and streamline functionality. Built-in organizers for drawers, cabinets, and kitchen islands helped minimize clutter and optimize workflow, creating a more organized and enjoyable cooking experience.
  16. Drawers Not Lower Cabinets – A significant shift towards drawers over traditional lower cabinets has emerged as a leading kitchen design trend. This shift isn't a fad but a practical choice that empowers designers and homeowners to make the most of their kitchen spaces. By recognizing the practical advantages of drawers, they have embraced this trend for their accessibility, organization, and ease of use.
  17. Icy Blue – This shade has emerged as a versatile color choice for kitchen design, adding a relaxed and calming ambiance to culinary spaces. Whether used as an accent color or the primary palette, icy blue can complement various design styles, from modern and minimalist to rustic and coastal. Its versatility allows for creative expression, whether applied to cabinetry, walls, or accents like backsplashes and kitchenware.
  18. Quiet Luxury – The idea of quiet luxury has emerged as a defining theme in kitchen design, emphasizing refined elegance, subtle sophistication, and understated luxury. This is not about flashy extravagance, but about a sophisticated and elegant design approach. Characterized by restrained aesthetics, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, quiet luxury transcends flashy extravagance in favor of understated refinement. Kitchen spaces are imbued with effortless sophistication through luxurious materials such as marble, quartz, and brass, creating a timeless and enduring aesthetic.


Don't just follow these kitchen design tips. Make them your own in your 2024 projects. Impress clients or completely transform your kitchen with your personal touch. For the coffee connoisseur, imagine a built-in beverage station with a state-of-the-art espresso machine and storage for mugs, syrups, coffee beans, etc.

For a busy and growing family, envision a more oversized, multi-purpose kitchen island that would be a priority. This could provide a hub for the family to eat, entertain, and get homework done. Which kitchen design idea resonates with you the most?